Jay pose
Some attributes
Gender Male
Race Human
Hair Color Brown

First appearance Pilot
Relationships Denise (Wife)
Status Living

Other attributes
Voice Richard Gordon
Family Unknown
Weapons laser gun

Jay is the main protagonist of the series in Deep Space 69 from Mondo Mini Shows series, along as best friend and partner named Hamilton.


Jay is a smug, womanizing space captain, whose primary purpose in life revolves around him getting laid with sexy girls, which results in various misadventures across the universe as his libido often interferes with mission priorities. Jay typically goes after missions and adventures that give him the best chances of getting laid, and he will often ignore safety regulations or Hamilton's advice when doing so. Throwing things into the ship's air lock is a frequent habit of Jay's.

Jay appears to fear commitment to the girls he has sex with, often leaving them behind by any means necessary. This lack of commitment is alluded to be due to the death of his first girlfriend. The Galactic Bonesmen arc does show that he has some degree of respect for women, however, as he disapproves of the Bonesmen's hypnosis methods to have sex with girls.

History Edit

As revealed in the Astro Past Blast arc, Jay originally had a girlfriend in Space Academy named Eve, who went into space on a student exchange program. Shortly after, Jay met Hamilton and the two became fast friends. Although neither had piloted a spaceship before, they decided to journey to Hamilton's home planet after learning via the news that it was under attack - by a twist of fate, Eve had been assigned there for her exchange program. Sadly, the two were too late to save their loved ones, who had died in the crossfire.

Eve is the only woman he admits his love to, she may be the sole reason why he can't bond with any woman, and maybe he tries to numb that pain with oversleeping with others.

Not much else is known about Jay's history, although he once claimed his father was a "legendary lady lancer" like himself.


Jay usually has brown hair, wears a blue and light blue shirt, and dark pants.


Above all else, Jay prizes his manhood and ability in bed. As demonstrated, his erect penis was hard enough to crack a giant crystal that powered the Galactic Bonesmen's spaceship. Despite his philandering ways, females he encounters do seem to enjoy his company and skills in bed.

He constantly comments about "hardness of his penis" and appears to have a erection almost all the time. Based on the evidence it can be theorized that Jay might be ill with PGAD (Persistent genital arousal disorder), a.k.a Weiss disease, a mental disorder the victim of which suffers from constant arousal off their genitals and require constant sexual contact for ease (though temporarily). It is not known what causes this disorder but, one of the theories suggest it is caused by a mental trauma (presumably Eve's death in this case).

Jay has demonstrated some proficiency with firearms and swords, although how much is actually attributable to skill or dumb luck is unknown.


Jay´s pennis skeleton


  • The character is very similar to Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek and Zapp Brannigan from Futurama  for their womanizing ways ,He is designed to look like Han Solo.
  • Jay's design appears to be based off a Lego humanoid.
  • According to some fans, he bears resemblance to Steve from "Minecraft" and Jeff from "Clarence".


  • "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnice!"
  • "Anything is possible if you believe in your penis!"
  • "Ooooh... right, right, right, right, right, right."
  • "Live by the boner, die by the boner."
  • "Cheap tricks, small dicks! "
  • "Only one rule on my party ship. You party hard, or you go out the airlock."
  • "...What's the hardest part about air-locking a penis."

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